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Root Canal treatment Narre Warren

When a tooth is cracked or has suffered a deep cavity, bacteria can penetrate through to the centre of the tooth or root canal. This contains the living tissue made up of sensitive nerves and blood vessels commonly known as pulp. The invasion of bacteria infects the pulp, causing inflammation and severe pain.

Root canal treatment alleviates the pain quickly, so you’ll immediately feel more comfortable. On the flip side, if it’s left untreated, even the best dentist in Melbourne would agree that there is likely to be only one outcome – a tooth extraction!

The good news is that if treated early enough, root canal treatment, otherwise known as endodontic therapy can prevent the need for tooth removal altogether.

So how do you know if you need to see an endodontist in Melbourne?

Regular dental check-ups are key to spotting a wide variety of problems early, and infected root canals are no different. However there are also certain symptoms you might want to look out for before you need to Google ‘root canal treatment cost’ or ‘how much does a root canal hurt’. They include:

• Pain when you chew
• Sensitivity when eating/drinking hot or cold foods
• Signs of swollen gum tissue
• Pus emerging from the tooth
• A bad taste coming from the tooth area
• Slight facial swelling

Any one of these signs may indicate that you have a root canal infection and even if not, it’s well worth seeking out a dentist for advice. Here at Ava Maria Dental for example, we have a team of experienced dentists who have successfully performed many root canals and have saved many teeth.

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So what’s the procedure and does it hurt?

Let’s address the second part of the question first. In a word, no it doesn’t hurt. Modern day techniques, anaesthetics, and equipment means that most dentistry is carried out in pain-free conditions and that includes endodontics. Melbourne patients should feel safe in the knowledge that if they choose the right dentist, they’re in safe and pain-free hands.

Now we’ve cleared that up, what about the root canal treatment procedure itself?

Firstly, the aim of the treatment is to remove the bacteria from inside the tooth. After administering a local anaesthetic a hole is drilled through the crown of the tooth down into the root canal. The infected pulp is then removed and the tooth cleaned. If you have any form of dental abscess, this is also drained. Once the dentist is sure that all traces of bacteria are removed, the root canal is enlarged so it can be backfilled. This process is often done in several stages, spanning several appointments.

Once the canal has been back-filled it’s then sealed, after which your Melbourne dentist may decide to fit a dental crown to protect the tooth and to make it stronger.

Root canal Melbourne – The end result

Root canal treatment is usually very successful and if carried out effectively the tooth can last for at least 8-10 years before other options may need to be investigated. Here at Ava Maria Dental, if you feel any tooth pain or have reason to believe you might have a tooth infection, then schedule an appointment with our friendly dental team who can help. With our caring chairside manner and 40 years of experience, we get you out of pain fast. Call today on (03) 8790 2500

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