How White Can My Teeth Get? Factors You Should Know


How White Can My Teeth Get? Factors You Should Know

“How white can my teeth get?” is one of the questions we’re frequently asked from patients looking to whiten their teeth and brighten their smile. It’s a tricky question to answer because it depends on several factors, some of which you can control, such as whether to use a natural teeth whitening method or go down the route of manufactured teeth whitening products; and some which you can’t control, such as your natural tooth colour and how well your teeth respond to whitening.

So getting back to the question “how white can my teeth get” let’s start off first by taking a look at why some people’s teeth are whiter than others.

Some teeth are a real struggle to lighten and we’re often hearing cries of “Why won’t my teeth get whiter” from patients coming to us in a last-ditch attempt to whiten their smile. Often the reason is that they’ve inherited a yellow shade of teeth from their parents. While the enamel which covers the outer surface of the teeth may have a yellowish tint running through it, it’s the other tooth tissue or dentin which sits beneath which could be causing the problem.

Some people’s dentin is darker in colour than in others and this shows through the tooth enamel contributing to the yellowish shade of their teeth. While a professional teeth whitening method containing a high concentrate of hydrogen peroxide may lighten their teeth to some degree, it isn’t a permanent solution and will need to be repeated on a regular basis.

How white can my teeth get using veneers?

bruxismOften, a better course of action in cases such as these is for their dentist to apply veneers (thin covers made from porcelain) to the outer surfaces of the teeth. Not only can veneers help cover stains and discolouration but they’re resistant to them too. This means the patient can enjoy their picture-perfect smile without worrying about their problem recurring in the future. What’s more, patients get to choose however white they want their teeth using a dental tooth shades chart.

Stained teeth – How white can my teeth get?

Most people when they talk of stained teeth are referring to teeth which have become stained over time due to lifestyle habits such as smoking and eating or drinking tooth-staining foods and beverages, such as curries, coffee, tea, cola, and red wine. These are known as extrinsic stains and can normally be removed with varying degrees of success from teeth whitening products bought at their local store or by visiting a teeth whitening dentist for a professional whitening treatment.
Two of the most popular at-home teeth whitening products are:

Teeth whitening strips – these are certainly one of the easiest teeth whitening methods to use yourself at home but do rely on you having teeth that are reasonably straight. If this isn’t the case the bleaching strip may not come into contact with all the tooth surfaces and you could end up with patches of white instead of the even white smile you were hoping for.

Over the counter take-home whitening kits – These kits have a relatively low bleach level when contained to professional teeth whitening products and unless your teeth are only superficially stained you may be disappointed with the end results.

How white are teeth supposed to be?

This is pretty much a matter of personal preference but from our experience, even 2 or 3 shades lighter can make a noticeable difference. If you’re looking for a Hollywood Smile or want to know how to get white teeth in 1 day then chair-side whitening treatment from your dentist could be just what you’re looking for. Depending on the brand used dramatically whiter teeth can often be achieved in as little as 1 hour.

An alternative tooth whitening procedure most dentists offer is a professional teeth whitening take-home kit. These are far superior to any over the counter kits you may have tried simply because they contain a higher volume of the whitening agent.

Both of these methods of teeth whitening are safer, more reliable and longer lasting because they’re carried out under the supervision of a qualified dental professional.

If you’re keen to achieve a whiter smile then come and speak to the friendly team at Ava Maria Dental. We use the Pola teeth whitening method which tackles all types of stains and offers a choice of in-chair or at home whitening. Give us a call today on at  (03) 8790 2500. to make an appointment and discuss your best options.

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